Advanced Beauty Video Series Soundtracks

Maxim Zhestkov

Pepper Melon

Universal Everything

Robert Hodgin

Carl Burgess

Paul Simpson

Karsten Schmidt

Marc Kremers

Universal Everything / Minivegas

Robert Seidal

Universal Everything

Panda Panther

Jelle Feringa

Panda Panther - Two

Mate Steinforth

Paul Emery / Alex Peverett

Thomas Traum

Tom Scholefield

I composed all of the music for this collaboration between myself, Universal Everything and a host of digital artists released in 2008. Advanced Beauty is an exploration of digital artworks born and influenced by sound. It is a series of audio-reactive 'video sound sculptures'. Inspired by synasthesia, the rare, sensory experience of seeing sound or tasting colours, these videos are physical manifestations of sound, sculpted by volume, pitch or structure of the soundtrack. Using 1920 HD format, with 5:1 surround sound, the films transform the screen into a digital canvas.

In addition to a DVD release, it was screened at many locations including Cannes Lions. It also toured as part of Onedotzero worldwide, including the premiere at the British Film Institute London and an underwater projection and a 360 degree immersive white room.



2010 – Yota Space, St Petersburg, Russia
2010 – Roja Art Space, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2008 – Cannes Lions, Cannes, France
2009 – Designing Seeds, SIAD gallery, Sheffield