Matt Pyke & Friends Super Computer Romantics Show Audio



When I was asked to create the audio component to this substantial exhibition for my brother and long term collaborator Matt Pyke I snapped up the chance. Having the opportunity to compose for several Artworks that co-existed in the same space meant that I had to insure not only the audio didn't clash but actually complimented each other. By thinking carefully about the implications of space, tempo and harmony I was able to achieve a cohesive experience as you moved through the building. Each element was required to work as a whole as well as in isolation.



Music and Sound Design: Simon Pyke / Freefarm
Creative Director : Matt Pyke

CGI : Chris Perry / Realise / Thomas Eberwein
Design and Code (Communion) : Field
Design and Code (Voxel Posse) : Karsten Schmidt
Photography : James Medcraft
Curators : Charlotte Leouzon / Jerome Delormas