Universal Everything and You Installation Soundtrack

Installation Overview - 1000 Hands / Presence

Working alongside the Universal Everything team and choreographer Benjamin Milledpied and his LA Dance Project, I developed a series of compositions from which both the dance and visual effects would react. In order to respond to the central concept of human form. I worked with a team of additional musicians to add further to the living breathing nature of the piece. The Installation consisted of two parts; 'Presence' - a series of motion captured dances with mesmerising digital costumes & '1000 Hands' - an interactive work based around bringing a drawn line to life.


Ltd Edition Record



As an offshoot to the exhibition, I edited a version of the show music for a limited edition picture disk released on Warp Records .



2013 – Media Space, London


2013 – Borusan Contemporary Art Collection, Istanbul


Music and Sound Design: Simon Pyke / Freefarm
Viola : Annie Kerr
Clarinet : Merlin Shepherd
Vocals : Jenny Kosmowsky
Creative Director : Matt Pyke / Universal Everything
Developers : Andreas Muller and Mike Tucker /  Universal Everything
Technician : Benoit Simon
Architect : Irene Shamma
Fabrication : AB3 Workshop / Other Fabrications
AV Consultant and Supplier : Bluman Associates
Producer : Keri Elmsly
Film Makers : Giorgia Polizzi / Sandra Ciampone
Photographers : James Medcraft / Kate Elliot

Proudly Supported by Hyundai