Altinha Short Documentary


A new film from Superjeanmarc, aka filmmaker and photographer Jean-Marc Joseph, follows the Brazilian pastime of altinha—a Carioca sport in which players use their bodies (with exception of hands) to keep a soccer ball in the air for as long as possible—through the beaches of Ipanema, where the game is believed to have originated. 

I was initially approached to create the title track for the film which became the track 'Solar Flares'. Jean-Marc subsequently selected the tracks 'Let Be' and 'Tailspin' from my 'Slow Glow' E.P. series to soundtrack the rest of the film.


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Simon Pyke
Slow Glow Two
Slow Glow Three 


Nowness - Online Debut
NAU Festival de cinema e artes de expressao ibérica
Festival de cinema de Menorca
Berlin Short Film Festival 2017
Barcelona Planet Film Festival


Music: Simon Pyke / Freefarm
Film: Superjeanmarc