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Since starting Freefarm back in 2004 my approach and drive has remained largely the same whilst the scope and scale of the projects has moved on in great strides. Ears always wide open for new sounds, I've amassed an ever evolving pallet of unusual and exotic techniques and instruments to draw from. I regularly call in additional musicians when a project calls for it. 

Commissions have seen me create microscopic interface sounds for a global mobile brand, soundtrack a complete rebrand of MTV for a global audience of 500 million and compose music for a 36 channel surround audio-visual experience for Hyundai. Other people I have worked with include choreographer Benjamin Millepied on an audio-visual installation for the London Science Museum and Finnish film director Dome Karukoski on a series of idents for TV channel Nelonen.

My studio is located in the South Downs near Brighton, UK and can happily support every stage of production from sketch to final master.

Simon Pyke, Freefarm.


Studio Experiments


Matt Pyke / Universal Everything / UK

"For the last 37 years Simon has been my closest collaborator, creating extraordinary audio in response to the visuals I direct for Universal Everything. This inventive fusion of the senses has grown our unique reputation, leading to a diverse range of projects worldwide."

Victor Szilagyi / Intel / UK

"Simon has a great ear for crafting audio environments that match a brand's personality. I would absolutely hire him again."

Mark Cumming / Eightyfive2 ltd / Hong Kong.

"Simon has a wonderful talent for creating striking and unique soundscapes. He's highly inventive, using a myriad of techniques and inspirations, and is sensitive to the nuances of complex visuals and movement. It is a pleasure having him create the aural component of my visions."

Roger Whittlesea / Proud Creative / UK

"It's always such a pleasure working with Simon. He makes it seem easy and has consistently delivered the best music of any projects we've worked on."

Paul Choi /  Image Bakery / South Korea

"Simon is great collaborator to work with sound and audio. He has also a lot of experiences in various project like video wall, events, commercial, artistic project, 3d sound and so on." 



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