Barbican Future You Installation Sound

pipe organ.jpg

I was commissioned by Universal Everything to create audio for the interactive installation ‘Future You’ for the Barbican centre entrance as part of  the exhibition AI More Than Human (open 16 May-26 August 2019).

In Future You, you are faced with a unique reflection of your potential, synthetic self. Starting as a primitive form, it learns from your movements to adapt, suggesting an agile, superior version of you. This artwork evolves, creating a new visual response for each visitor, generating 47,000 possible variations.

I was challenged with creating a feeling of progression of growth phases of the robots which I achieved by processing harmonic drones created with a midi controlled mechanical pipe organ. Each robotic character required a unique identity which I created by designing a series of movement sounds. Through use of a sub bass speaker for the foot sounds I gave the robots a feeling of physicality. An additional challenge was fact that 2 robots will be showing simultaneously. By using drones that work harmonically together it was possible to celebrate this feature thus negating the risk of clashing noise.



Sound Design: Simon Pyke
Creative Director: Matt Pyke
Creative Technologist: 
Chris Mullany
Realtime Look Development: 
Adam Samson
Exhibition Designer: 
Tonkin Liu
Studio Manager: Simon Thompson
Executive Producer: Ben Young
Commissioned by The Barbican, London