Sydney Opera House Lighting The Sails Soundtrack

I was commissioned by Universal Everything to compose the entire soundtrack to 'Living Mural' for Lighting The Sails 2015. This incredible projection onto the Sydney Opera House marked the launch of Vivid Sydney, a festival of light music and ideas and run throughout the festival.


Using my upright piano as a sound source I improvised, looped and processed and skewed the music to reflect the hand drawn timeless feel of the animations.



Soundtrack: Simon Pyke / Freefarm
Creative Director: Matt Pyke
Animation Director: Chris Perry
Producer: Greg Povey
On-Site Producer: Mic Gruchy

Commissioned by Sydney Opera House for VIVID 2015

Animation Sequences :

01, Block: Universal Everything
02, Burst: Patch d. Keyes
03, Fill: Drew Tyndell
04, Chase: Tymote
05, Multiply: Nicolas Ménard
06, Climb: Parallel Teeth
07, Rise: KClogg
08, Twist: Matt Scharenboich
09, Wind: Váscolo
10, Swarm: Universal Everything
11, Calm: Zutto
12, Float: Cindy Suen
13, Power: Masanobu Hiraoka
14, Slide: Ori Toor
15, Spin: Ori Toor
16, Wave: Váscolo
17, Construct: DXMIQ
18, Growth: DXMIQ
19, Flow: Ruff Mercy
20, Scatter: Caleb Wood
21, Shrink: Bee Grandinetti
22, Noise: Takcom
23, Attack: MixCode
24, Boom: nöbl
25, Bounce: Matt Abbiss
26, Ricochet: Matt Frodsham
27, Splash: Guille Comin
28, Bang: Universal Everything
29, Embrace: Matt Frodsham
30, Melt: Caleb Wood
31, Stripe: Matt Abbiss