Microsoft Infinity Room 5.1 Surround Soundtrack

I was commissioned by Universal Everything to create a 5.1 surround soundtrack to this amazing installation for Microsoft.

In collaboration with journalist Simon Rogers and Roundhouse (Portland), Universal Everything created an immersive  narrative experience exploring the power of big data.

A 15’ x 8’ mirrored room and subtly choreographed pixel spheres echoed the LED animations, creating an endless digital landscape. Designed in code and running in real-time, the experience tells the story of the world around us through the medium of a simple US quarter.

Tied into a major Microsoft product launch, the Infinity Room was installed at 3 Embarcadero Center in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District over three days. Members of the public and conference VIPs were invited to experience a powerful visualisation of the insights that can be gained through Microsoft’s new data analysis tools.



Music, Sound Design and 5.1 mix: Simon Pyke / Freefarm
Creative Director: Matt Pyke /  Universal Everything
Design and Code: Mike Tucker /  Universal Everything
Producer: Greg Povey /  Universal Everything
Additional: Chris Perry, Renaud Futterer /  Universal Everything
Commissioned by Roundhouse, Portland

Executive Creative Director: Joe Sundby
Art Director: Kyle Everett
Writers: Andrew McMurchie / Simon Rogers
Executive producer: Matthew Moss
Project Director: Tod Visdal,
Producer: Lauren Lindstrom
Production: Axiom
Audio Visual: Spitball
Agency: Roundhouse (Portland, OR)
Client: Microsoft